February – Design

During this period, we developed a strategy for this competition. We need quite a long time at this stage because this stage is an important/crucial stage and greatly influences the next steps. This is our first competition so it will take a long time.

March – The Making

One of the planning stage results is the concept of the ship to be made. Therefore, we get reference points that we will use as a standard in designing and manufacturing ships by referring to the concept.

This month, we started with design and calculation. When the ship design has been made, we prepare the materials used to manufacture the ship. Before manufacturing the ship, we create/present the physical form of the ship’s design on plywood as our ship’s material using laser cutting. After that, the assembly process starts from the physical assembly of the ship, the ship’s propulsion components, and the ship’s electronic components. The last process is ship detailing, including the addition of accessories and ship coloring.

April – Preparation and Trial 

Before starting the trial, we designed an arena that represented the competition venue. We use eco-friendly used materials to set up the arena.

Trials can be done when the arena is ready. We do regular trials to test the ship’s performance. We tested ships with circumstances that match the existing competitive missions in this trial. We will evaluate all forms of errors or failures to improve our ASV.

May – Final Stage

We will examine the performance results during the trial of the ship with the simulation data that has been done previously. This comparison is to validate what we have done so far.

Besides doing a trial, we also made a demonstration video this month.